Selfridges Oxford Street

Voted the world’s greatest department store, Selfridges is also renowned for the architecture and interior design of its buildings.

Accordingly, Vecta Design UK is proud of its involvement in the remodelling of the flagship store in Oxford Street, London.

We have installed our T-403W white translucent stretch ceilings beneath our Hybrid Led Panels in two key locations. Firstly, 14 panels in the all new reception area for valued private shoppers and, secondly, a backlit Led panel in a refurbished staff facility.

Wythenshawe Transport Hub

This transport hub is part of the new Manchester City Council Pennine Link outreach project. The main contractors, Kier Construction, commissioned us to install a matt white stretch ceiling. We installed 13 separated membranes covering an area of some 450 square metres. The installation was completed in 10 days and this included all penetrations for services such as safety systems and signage. In response to a subsequent request, we returned to site and installed a series of fixed access panels to allow future void access for maintenance teams.


Chelsea Health Club

Chelsea Football Club are a longstanding client of Vetca Design UK and, due to our work and quality ethic, we have established an excellent working relationship. We originally installed some 350 square metres of our translucent membranes to replace those previously installed. We now carry out regular maintenance of the installation. 


architects registration board

The Architects Registration Board in Weymouth Street London W1 commissioned Vecta Design UK to rejuvenate their office ceilings. We installed two new membranes and in addition carried out repairs and cleaning of the remaining membranes that had not been cleaned for some 6 years. Our team managed to restore these membranes to an almost new condition and hence we were able to achieve an outstanding colour match with our new membranes. The Architects Registration Board were extremely satisfied with our performance and quality of work.